Nature's "Master Antioxidant" and high-grade bio-active whey protein - a month supply for 2 adults.

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MA+ fights colds

I never want to run out of MA+. When we take this regularly, the illnesses of colds and viruses that want to attack, seem to be easier to fight off. I care give for my 88 year old mother. If she gets ill, then I get ill. It's less expensive to keep us both healthy than it is to miss work. And no-one wants to feel ill either. We take extra if we are exposed to someone else with a cold. Sure helps. Thanks for continuing this product.

MA+ keeps me going

At now 72 years of age I still work doing what I love and it is made pissible by MA+. While I take a dose faithfully every day, when I feel something threatening to make me ill I double and simetimes triple my the times a day I use MA+. I work with preschool and school age kids and I stay healthy. When supplies have been a problem and I run out I feel a negative difference. I stock up so hopefully will never run out of MA+. I even take it with me when I travel.