10-in-ONE is truly the best thing that has happened to the nutrition industry, offering a chewable, easy to assimilate and absorb formula with tremendous health benefits. And it tastes great! Most people complain that it is too hard to swallow those big horse pills.

In fact, many of those compressed tablets can take 30 to 45 minutes to be absorbed, if at all. 10-in-ONE starts to be assimilated immediately and gets into the blood stream very quickly.

You would have to take five different products, if you could find them, to replace just one chewable 10-in-ONE. There is no product on the market today that has a multi-vitamin formula with essential daily value nutrients that can offer all of the following:

- Cardiovascular (heart health) support

- Anti-stress support

- Super-antioxidant (the good guys) support

- Immune enhancer (your body’s first line of defense)

- Memory and mood enhancer

- Energizer formula

- Digestive aid formula (now with added probiotics to help with absorption - if the nutrients are not absorbed, it doesn’t matter how good the formula is)

- Bone and joint support (50% of women by the time they reach 50 years old will have brittle bones)

- Vision support formula

10-in-ONE isn’t the only impressive NOVUS ERA product. The other products in the company’s lineup are terrific. Try them all to experience the true benefits of each for yourself. 



Proprietery Fruit Phytonutrient Blend 170 mg *
Maqui berry powder (aristotelia chilensis),
pomegranate fruit juice powder (punica
granatum), acai berry extract (euterpe oleraceae),
goji berry (wolfberry) extract (lycium berbarum),
mangosteen fruit extract (garcinia mangostana),
pomegranate fruit extract (punica granatum),
amla berry extract (emblica ocinalis)
Proprietery Herbal/Energizer Blend 216 mg *
Organic fruit blend, glucuronolactone, schizandra
berry extract (schisandra sphenanthera), green tea
leaf extract (camellia sinensis), L-carnitine tartrate,
siberian ginseng root extract (eleutherococcus
senticosus), aloe vera extract (aloe barbadensis),
rhodiola root extract (rhodiola rosea)
Proprietery Age Defying Antioxidant Blend 180 mg *
MSM (methyl sulfonylmethane), boswella serrata
extract (boswellia serrata), turmeric root extract
(curcuma longa), hesperidin, quercetin anhydrous
(from saphora japonica), Coenzyme-Q-10, alpha
lipoic acid, lutein, lycopene, curcumin, resveratrol
Proprietery Digestive Enzyme Blend 2048 IU *
Trace Mineral Blend 5 mg *

Other Ingredients: Xylitol, natural flavors, vegetable cellulose, vegetable powder,
stevia extract, magnesium sulfate, silica, natural glaze.


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10 and 1

I've taken this vitamin off and on for years. I absolutely love it. I was always chronically ill and have allergies. Taking this vitamin has reduced my illness dramatically and when I do get sick, it doesn't last long and not as bad.

10-IN-ONE Vitamins

This has been the best vitamin formula I have found to help with my Fibromyalgia! I quit getting it for a while and all my symptoms started coming back. I am so thankful I found it again!

10-in one vitamins and superfruits

I am pleased with my 10-in one vitamins & super fruits. I am 77 years young going on 78 and feeling great I know it is because of the support I get from my 10-in one vitamins & super fruits. Thanks


This is one of the best on the market, my grandmother loves it and lives by it at 82 years young.

10-in-ONE Vitamins & Superfruits

I am totally sold on the 1--in-one product... Since taking my 10-in-one supplements my over all health has improved... I have my auto-shipment set so I am never out... I preferred the 10-in one as a liquid as I really liked the taste, yet the chewables' are a better all around product for the masses.... easy to take... and Ho! so good for you!... I believe if you try it, you will like it.... It's April 15 2019...I am 67 years young, and embarking on building a on line business.....I give a lot of the credit for my GOOD health to The 10-in-ONE Vitamins & Superfruits.... Thanks... Allen Turner


I've been taking 10-IN-One since the days when it was a liquid product. Stuck with the product through tough times,when a reformulation caused it to taste terrible, until today's amazing tablets. You'd be hard pressed to find anything on the market to compare when it comes to content and overall performance.


A very good product with all the natural ingredients! Just started takeing the vitamins!